Homemade Lavender Detergent


There is an easy way to make homemade lavender laundry detergent with fresh simple ingredients. This homemade soap has a pleasant scent and only a small amount is needed per load of laundry to get it clean.
To make this detergent the following ingredients are needed:
4 cups of Borax
4 cups of washing soap
2 cups of baking soda
2 bars of Lavender Castille Soap (found at health food stores)
20 drops lavender essential oils

Put the bars of soap in a food process and grate to break it down. In a bowl mix the borax, washing soda, and the baking soda. Add the processed soap and stir it up. Add the essential oil. Stir this up well and seal in a jar with a tight lid.
Only a small amount of this soap is needed when doing laundry. One to two tablespoons of this lavender soap will keep the cloths smelling fresh and clean.